Move-out Checklist


Move-Out Checklist

If you are serious about reducing or avoiding cleaning costs after you move out we’re giving some directions here. The final result should be sparkling clean. You are in fact earning $20 an hour as that is the price we are charged. We have listed what the cleaning crew will clean if you don’t, or don’t do well.

It will be impossible to move out and get everything clean enough to earn your deposit in one day! After 45 years of cleaning apartments we have found the following items the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to clean; all products are found at the grocery store.

1. Dawn Dish soap and ammonia for windows, screens and metal or vinyl blinds. Use a very dilute solution on wooden blinds, dry well.
2. Simple Green, Mr. Clean or similar cleaner for floors, woodwork and walls.
3. Easy Off Oven cleaner to clean oven, burner pans, under burners. Keep off asbestos oven seal, knobs, range face,
electric coils and wiring.
4. CLR, Descale-it, or white vinegar and old toothbrush for areas around faucets. For tub surrounds use a sponge with a white scrub pad attached to saturate with the
cleaner. Follow directions carefully. Sharp and abrasive cleaners will permanently scratch fiberglass, chrome and shiny surfaces. Very strong cleaners will discolor metal fixtures.
5. Pumice stone for the toilet ring. (it will damage anything else)
6. Comet or Ajax for tub and sinks
7. Bleach for mildew, (Tilex is amazing for this). Be sure to run exhaust fan when using and take care not to bleach the carpeting or yourself !!
8. A single edge razor blade works on ovens as well as glass. Surfaces must first be wet with soapy water to avoid scratching.
9. Toothbrush, scrub brush, and/or credit card to scrape crevices
10.Vacuum with a hose attachment for window tracks, kitchen drawers, carpet edges. Or a cheap dry paint brush and good broom will also work.

Tips to make moving day go more smoothly:

Starting 2 weeks ahead, do a few each day –

___ Trim the yard and rake, no charcoal dumping. Discard items you don’t plan to take with you.

___ Clean front and back doors, including security doors.
___ Clean light covers, bath fans, and ceiling fan blades.
___ Blinds-dust then damp wipe blinds. All slats should have a sheen when clean and dry.
___ Clean window tracks with brush, vacuum. Wash windows inside.
___ Wash doors, doorways and switch plates.
___ Bathroom: remove mildew, soap scum, and water deposits on tub and tile, clean bathroom exhaust vent
___ Clean oven, under range top. Replace drip pans if necessary. Take one with you to the store to make sure you get exactly the right ones, it’s tricky.

___ Wash hood exhaust filter in dishwasher or soak in sink with strong cleaner. Pull out range and clean floor. Be careful not to tear flooring.
___ Clean refrigerator inside and out. Begin by removing all shelves and drawers, wipe rubber seals on doors and crevices. Clean refrigerator coils and pull out to clean floor.  Be careful not to tear floor.
___ Pack as much as practical..

The week before:
___ Call us to make arrangements for carpet cleaning. Do not clean the carpeting yourself! See lease for clarification.

After furniture is moved, and cabinets and closets are empty…
___ Clean closets and shelves
___ Sweep baseboards and carpet edges. Wash walls, woodwork, baseboards
___ Wash cabinets inside and out
___ Final clean and dry of refrigerator, prop doors open
___ Final clean and polish of range and vent hood
___ Re-clean bathroom, polish chrome
___ Mop floors
___ Beginning with new vacuum bag, vacuum entire apt. SLOWLY and carefully, going over traffic areas in different directions to remove embedded dirt. Additional charges will apply if vacuuming is necessary prior to cleaning.

Moving Day Check List –  See your original signed Condition Report for exceptions.

____ Front and back doors, steps, patio, outside storage rooms
____ Yards raked, cleaned and free of debris
____ Closets and shelves
____ Bathroom including tile and grout.
____ Range, under range top, oven and vent hood
____ Refrigerator-inside and out, dry and propped open
____ All cabinets and doors
____ Cupboards and drawers emptied
____ Windows and tracks
____ Hard flooring including under refrigerator and free-standing range.
____ Sinks and faucets free of mineral deposits.
____ Doors and wood trim
____ Baseboards and heaters
____ Light and electrical outlet plates
____ Ceiling fan blades- both sides.
____ Blinds lowered and left in open position.
____ Carpets are vacuumed

____ Leave heat at lowest setting during cold weather to prevent freezing.
____ Leave keys in a kitchen drawer. Electricity must be on during inspection.

Cleaning charges apply to all items not completed to the satisfaction of management, except as noted on your Move-in Condition Report.