Lakeside Apartments- Rental Agreement

This Agreement made between Clark and Susan Halls, Owners and ______SAMPLE ____, Only, the authorized Tenant(s), herein
referred to as I or my, jointly and severally agree to rent the apartment located at ___________________________, including kitchen
range & refrigerator, window blinds and carpets. Other options: ___dishwasher ___disposal ___washer and dryer .
I agree to pay the Monthly Rent Amounts below on or before the due date of each installment. Such rental amounts includes the
following utilities:
Electric _No_     Water _ _     Garbage _ Yes_     Sewer _Yes_        2 Keys received
Under this Rental Agreement the Tenant agrees to pay:
$ ___X___ Initial rent :
$ ___X___ Refundable Security Deposit (80% of all deposits)
$ ___X___ User Fee (20% of all Deposits to compensate owner for administrative expense of processing and screening prospective
applications; for wear and tear on the carpet, floor, blinds, appliances and their periodic replacement.)
$ ___X___ Total due prior to move in
$ ___X___ To be deposited into Halls Lakeside Apartments at Chase Bank: and applied as a Non-Refundable Rental Fee which is
transferable to the Security Deposit/User Fee upon tenant’s possession of premises.
$___X__ Balance due on or before __X___ .
Full Rental Term: This Agreement begins upon date of signing and receipt of Deposit and Terminates: ___X______.

1. Payment of Rent and Other Charges: I will pay $___x___ monthly rent on or before the 25th for the following month. A Late charge
of $25 is to be included with all payments received after the 1st day of the month. Additionally, a late fee of $5 per day beginning on
the 2nd day of the month will be charged and is to be paid with the current rental payment. Payment date is determined by the posting
date received into Owner’s bank account. All Payments must be made by Tenant depositing directly into the Halls Lakeside
Apts checking account at Chase Bank using an online billing service approved by the owner, such as ZELLE or POP Money.

Unless there is an accepted and signed Renewal or Extension of this Rental Agreement 30 days prior to the ending date above,
continued occupancy past the lease end date will be considered to be a holdover, and the periodic rent will be doubled and must be
prepaid. Late charges, as stated above will be charged. Additionally, I may be liable for damages not less than double the periodic
rent or actual damages suffered by the Owner as a result of the holdover, whichever is greater.

I will be charged $55 for each legal notice of default Owner must initiate, and/or Notice of Non-Compliance with the terms of this
Agreement sent or delivered to the me by the Owner.

2. Notice to Vacate: In accordance with AZ Landlord Tenant Laws, all tenants are required to give at least 30 days notice before the
rental due date, or lease end date. Such notice, or a request to continue tenancy shall be emailed to,
or in writing and mailed certified to Owners. During the final month of tenancy, Owners shall have reasonable access to show the unit
to prospective tenants.

3. Early Termination: In accordance with the AZ Landlord Tenant Laws, Owner shall be entitled to damages equal to one month’s
rent, in addition to rent and other charges, under this Agreement, until the apartment is re-rented, in the event of any of the following:
A. Tenant vacates prior to the end of this Rental Agreement;
B. Tenant vacates at the end of this Rental Agreement without giving the required 30 day notice;
C. Owner terminates Rental Agreement for any material noncompliance to the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.

4. Pets:  Limit of one pet per unit. Permission is given only to the following pet described and no others: _________________________________
I agree that I will not, without the prior written consent of the Owner, keep any pet(s) or animal(s) for any length of time on
the premises. Tenant’s failure to comply will be a material breach of this Agreement. See Pet Addendum for additional
requirements for the pets listed here, including an additional deposit and monthly Pet Rent.

5. Apartment Condition: I acknowledge having inspected the apartment and having found it to be clean, habitable, rentable, and
undamaged except as noted in the Move-In Condition Report. I will complete and return the Move-in Condition Report provided within
one week after move-in as notice to Owner of any damage or condition not consistent with the following statement. Otherwise, the
condition stated as “Very clean & very good condition” stands approved by me.

6. Inspection and Entry: At all times, the Owner shall have the right of reasonable access to the apartment for the purpose of inspection, repair or showing. I understand that no prior notice of inspection shall be required if there is an emergency or if notice is
impractical, or if I have appeared to have abandoned the premises, or if I have failed to properly maintain the premises. I consent to
allow Owner to enter the apartment during normal working hours to deliver legal notices, to verify that I still reside in the apartment if
your rent is delinquent, and to ensure proper maintenance and to verify the status of pets, per paragraph 4.

7. Occupancy and Guests: I agree that the apartment shall be used as a personal residence only for me and for those persons listed
on the Rental Agreement and the minor children listed on the Application, and not for any other persons or purpose. Visitors or guests
who reside at the property for more than 7 days each calendar year must be approved by the Owner prior to occupancy. If any
person(s) continues occupying the premises after notice by Owner it shall be considered a material breach of Rental Agreement and
subject to immediate termination of the Agreement.

8. Conduct: I agree that, at all times, I will conduct myself, and will require all occupants, guests and visitors to conduct themselves in
a manner that will not disturb my neighbor’s peaceful enjoyment of their premises, including the non-smoking provision of this
agreement. I understand that failure to follow this rule of conduct constitutes a material noncompliance of this Rental Agreement and
that the Rental Agreement may be terminated after notice of the first offence IF the offending conduct is repeated.

9. Parking: Without prior consent, parking is limited to 2 vehicles per unit. I agree that the Owner has the right to control the manner of
parking in the parking spaces provided and that Owner may designate where occupants and guests may and may not park. I agree to
use the designated parking only for parking motor vehicles, which I understand does not include trailers of any kind, motorcycles,
campers, boats, buses, RVs or trucks larger than one-ton trucks without the Owner’s prior written consent. If I violate this provision the
Owner may have the vehicle towed away at my expense after 24 hour notice has been given me or placed on the vehicle which is
improperly parked or not of the type permitted on the premises.

10. Smoking: I acknowledge this is a non-smoking unit, Both inside and outside the premises. Any smoking on the premises is a
material breach of this Agreement whether by the tenants or their guests. It is against Federal law to possess marijuana for any
reason, including medical reasons and is therefore prohibited. Vaping is also prohibited.

11. Care of the Premises: I agree to maintain the apartment in a clean, undamaged and rentable condition. I agree not to spackle,
repaint or alter the apartment without Owner’s prior written permission. If I choose to make such required repairs, carpet cleaning or
touch up, I understand that the Owner has the final discretion as to the acceptability of such work. Tenant will not change or re-key
any outside door knobs. Any such violation shall be subject to a $50 charge or the actual cost of re-keying to remedy such change,
whichever is greater.

12. Upon Vacating: I am responsible to return the premises, including private yard areas, to the Owner in the same condition as
received and as is described in the Condition Report attached hereto, and agree to pay for repairs, painting and carpet cleaning
needed to restore the premises to that condition. I also agree that upon vacating, all property belonging to me and my guests will be
removed, the premises shall be returned clean, undamaged, and acceptable to the Owner. If the Owner determines that the condition
is not acceptable, I will pay the cost of refurbishment together with daily rent and utilities for a reasonable period for the necessary
deficiencies to be corrected. It is understood that rent shall be charged to me until complete surrender of the apartment is given to
Owner, all keys returned, and any refurbishment due to my neglect is completed. Utilities must be on during final walk-through and
inspection and refurbishment period.

12. Refundable Cleaning/Security Deposit: The Cleaning/Security Deposit received herein shall be returned to me upon the
following conditions:
A. The premises are returned in the same condition received, as outlined in the accepted Move In Condition
Report no later than the last day of the rental period;

B. Carpets have been professionally cleaned with a truck-mounted steam extraction method only.
A receipt must be provided to the Owners so that a call-back to that company can be done if necessary.

C. Keys not returned are subject to a charge of $50 each. After final key return, Tenant may be present for a final
walk-thru inspection if desired;

D. The premises are returned free from smoke, animal or offensive odor;

E. Apartments with private yards are to be maintained regularly, including mowing, weeding, watering of any
landscaping plants and returned in the same condition received;

F. During colder periods, the heat is to be left on for two days after vacating, and proper notice of vacancy to the management. It
should be warm enough (45-50 degrees) to protect the pipes in kitchen and bath from freezing, and in order to allow the management
time to winterize;

G. All rent and charges due under this Agreement are fully paid;

H. Tenant has stayed the full term of this Agreement and given required advance notice of vacating, and has been
cooperative with showing the apartment to prospective tenants during the final 30 days of tenancy.
Any non-forfeited portion of the Security Deposit shall be returned by mail, together with a statement of deductions, if any, within 14
business days following the end of the Rental Agreement and the date of complete surrender of the apartment and demand by the
Resident, whichever is later. I agree that any refund, statement and notice may be sent to me at General Delivery in Lakeside, AZ
85929, if no forwarding address is given to owner.

13. Assignment and Subletting: I understand that this Agreement may not be assigned, transferred, or the apartment sublet to any
other party, including any roommates not approved by the owner.

14. Repairs: I will immediately notify Owner of anything that is broken or in poor repair, including small water leaks. I understand that I
will be responsible to pay for repairs that are needed resulting from misuse or my failure to notify the Owner as stated. I also
understand that I will be charged a service call if the Owner or a repairman is called out to repair anything that is not in need of repair,
or the repair is my responsibility. Prompt notification is also important for warranty work on appliances, etc.

15. Abandonment: My absence from the apartment for 5 days while any portion of the rent is unpaid shall be deemed abandonment.
I agree that unless otherwise notified in writing prior to departure, Tenant hereby directs owner that all property left upon the premises
by Tenant after vacating the apartment will be disposed of as Owner sees fit without accountability to Tenant or it’s owner. The cost of
removal and disposal shall be charged to Tenant.

16. Default: This is a binding contract between Owner and Tenant(s). In the event of a default of any portion of this Agreement, the
Owner may terminate this Agreement by giving notice as required by law. In such event, I agree to vacate the premises immediately. I
agree that if I remain in possession of the apartment after termination, I may be held liable for additional damages in an amount equal
to twice the monthly rental payment or twice the Owner’s damages, whichever is greater. Time is the essence of this agreement.

17. Further Understandings: This Agreement, the Rules and Regulations, Move In Condition Report, Inventory of Furnishings, if any,
separate Utility Agreement, if any, and Tenant’s Rental Application for Occupancy are hereby integrated into this Agreement and
constitute the entire Agreement between the parties. With the exception of the Rules and Regulations herein, no deletions or
modifications to this Agreement will be valid unless signed by the parties hereto. When this Agreement is signed by more than one
Tenant, all such persons shall be individually and collectively held liable for the payment of the agreed rental and for the performance
of all the obligations of Tenant(s) pursuant to this Agreement. All reference to I herein also means we as pertains to the Tenant(s).
A. Owner’s acceptance of partial performance of any obligation under this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of the
Owner’s right to insist upon immediate full performance of such obligation. Should legal action be taken to enforce any provision of this
Agreement, the prevailing party is entitled to recover costs and reasonable attorney’s fees in an amount determined by the court. Time
is the essence of this Agreement.

B. Tenant is required to obtain a Renter’s Insurance policy within 30 days of the signing this lease. Policy must include liabilty
coverage, with Halls Lakeside Apts. listed as an Additional insured. Tenant understands that the Owner does not have personal
property insurance covering Tenant’s personal property. Please contact your auto insurance agent for more information.

C. Tenant understands that a free copy of the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act may be obtained by contacting the Arizona Secretary of

D. Tenants are responsible for keeping the smoke alarms in working order; by checking monthly and replacing batteries as needed.
Report immediately if broken or inoperable.

E. Tenant acknowledges that the locks used to secure the residence have been used by prior tenants. Tenant agrees to pay the cost
of re-keying if requested by new tenant. Any re-keying must be arranged through Owner. If unauthorized re-keying has occurred
Tenant will be responsible for re-keying all locks.

F. The leased premises were built or remodeled after 1978. No known lead-based paint and/or lead based hazards exist on the

G. The parties agree that Notice may be given to each party by email, Certified Mail with Receipt, or by hand delivery to
the Tenant(s) to the address(s) furnished on the Application for Occupancy or other email address furnished to Owner. Such email
Notice is reasonably calculated to inform the other party in the ordinary course. Such Notice shall be deemed received on the date the
email is confirmed, or one day after being sent, whichever is earlier.
To the Owners at: OR- Halls Lakeside Apartments 1125 N 160 E American Fork, UT 84003

H. Electronic acceptance, as signatures or typed, and/or acknowledged by email to and from each party shall be as binding upon the
parties as if personally signed and delivered.

I. Tenant will furnish Owner with a current mailing address, email address and phone number and update the owner as changes occur.

18. General Tenant Rules and Regulations:

1. The common area for all apartments in this complex is defined as all exterior areas in and around the apartments, except the private back yard of each apartment. This common area shall include: the parking areas, drives, landscaped and non-landscaped areas, sidewalks and front porches. No tenant activities are to be conducted in the common areas. Personal items are not allowed on the front porch or common areas. Chairs, BBQ’s, bicycles, etc. are to be kept in the backyard at all times, except on balcony of 2nd floor units. Thecommon area around your apartment should be kept free of cigarette trash, litter and pet feces.

2. For the most attractive appearance from the common area, blinds should be left in a lowered position, except when windows are open.
Windows left open during an unexpected rainstorm can cause water damage to blinds and sills. Such damage will be the Tenant’s
responsibility. Curtains and/or drapes may be installed over the blinds. Bright or bold colors should not be visible from the outside.

3. Carpet traffic areas should be vacuumed daily. Carpet spots can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth moistened with a small amount of
dish soap in warm water. Spray cleaners such as Resolve work equally well. Carpets must never be cleaned with any cleaner containing
bleach or peroxide, or rental type machines, only by the truck-mounted steam extraction method. Over wetting or walking on wet carpets
can delaminate the carpet face from the backing.

4. No tape or staples are to be used on doors, windows, walls or woodwork. Small nails with picture hooks are allowed in moderation. Do not repair holes yourself, do not spackle or paint.

5. Satellite dish placement must be approved by the owner prior to installation. Prior approval of the owner is required for installation of
additional cables (or telephone wires) to the unit. A $250 charge will apply if unauthorized cables are installed on the building.
1372 & 1390 W Yavapai only: Units are pre-wired for cable and Dish Satellite, servicing a single tuner receiver per apartment. If additional
tuners or dual receivers are desired, there may be additional charges for installation. Contact Dish for details.

6. Dumpsters are sized for normal household garbage only. Boxes, whether for moving or purchases, should be flattened before putting into outside garbage containers. Do not leave trash and garbage outside the containers at any time.
Apartments with Dumpsters: Large items, mattresses and furniture must be taken to the transfer station yourself. Other large or bulky
items may be placed in dumpster under the following conditions: Items are loaded after 9am and prior to pickup on scheduled collection
days. Lids must be able to close. If at any time your trash overloads the dumpster so that other tenants are unable to use it, a special
pickup by the waste collectors may be charged to you.

7. Absolutely no unauthorized animals are to enter the premises for any length of time. Visitors may not bring their animals inside or
into the backyard. Authorized pet owners: Keep pets that may damage carpet, woodwork, blinds, etc. under control at all times. Pets are
not to be left outside when owner is not at home. Excessive barking must not be allowed at any time. Most animals feel more secure in a kennel when left alone.

8. Report any repairs that need to be made promptly. Water damage to cabinets, walls or floors during your tenancy will be your
responsibility. If a repair appointment is not kept by either party, call the office to reschedule.

9. Private yards are to be maintained in a clean and attractive condition at all times.

10. For parking rules and regulations see page 2 paragraph 9.

If this Rental Agreement is signed before the owner has had the opportunity to verify and approve the applicant’s application, the Owner reserves the right to decline the application and void this agreement. It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify approval acceptance of tenancy prior to taking occupancy.

I have read this Rental Agreement and agree to abide by the terms herein, including the spirit of being a good tenant and neighbor during the term of this tenancy. I acknowledge receiving a copy of this Agreement.

Tenant: __________x________________ Date________
Tenant: __________x________________ Date________
Owner: __________x_______________ Date ________




In consideration of the mutual agreements and covenants set forth below, OWNER grants permission to ___Sample_____to keep the pet listed in the body of the Lease. All parties listed below as OWNER and TENANT are herein referred to individually and collectively as OWNER and TENANT respectively.
OWNER grants permission for TENANT’s animal/pet to be limited to:

Description of pet
Type / Breed Weight (lbs) Spayed/Neutered Vaccinations current Color / Special Markings

TENANT agrees to the following conditions:
1. TENANT agrees to keep a maximum of the pet listed above, without any substitutions. If TENANT would like to make
modifications to the above pet, a new Pet Addendum will be drawn and signed. No verbal agreement shall drawn and agreed.

2. TENANT acknowledges additional security deposit will be incurred in the amount of $300.00. A Pet Rent of $25 per pet per month will be charged. TENANT’S security deposit will remain held until the end of the leasing period, even if the animal/pet listed above no longer are kept by the TENANT.

3. TENANT agrees to maintain control over the animal/pet according to city codes specifically referring to residential animals. As well, TENANT agrees to restrain their animal/pet with a leash or harness while outside.

4. TENANT agrees to have all carpets professionally cleaned upon moving out of the unit. Further, TENANT agrees to be held financially responsible for pest-control expenses that incur as a result of the animal/pet listed above.

5. TENANT agrees not to leave said animal/pet unattended for a period of twenty-four (24) hours or more. As well, TENANT agrees to care for said animal/pet and not neglect or mistreat the animal/pet. In the case that a pet is left unattended for a period of twenty-four (24) hours or more or is deemed mistreated or neglected, OWNER will contact the proper animal authorities and allow the proper animal authorities to enter the unit. TENANT acknowledges OWNER as not responsible for the animal/pet  in any manner upon removal by the proper animal authorities.

6. TENANT agrees to maintain control over the animal/pet in a manner that maintains a peaceful and disturbance-free environment for the other tenants. Excessive and continued noise resulting from the animal/pet will be addressed immediately according to the terms of the Lease Agreement.

7. TENANT agrees to immediate repair of any damage resulting from the keeping of said animal/pet as well as be held financially responsible for any repairs required by other tenants or OWNER due to your animal/pet damage.

8. TENANT agrees to remove their animal/pet feces immediately, effectively and to be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

9. TENANT agrees to maintain proper health visits and keep accurate and current records including but not limited to vaccinations, illnesses, diseases and other medical needs. As well, TENANT agrees to supply OWNER will veterinary records as updated.

10. TENANT agrees not to leave animal/pet food unattended and outdoors.

11. TENANT agrees that any violent or frightening behavior acts demonstrated by the animal/pet whether or not injury results will revoke this agreement and the animal/pet(s) will required to be removed from the unit.

12. OWNER reserves the right to revoke this agreement if TENANT does not comply with every condition of this addedum.

13. TENANT agrees that this Pet Addendum is legally binding in a court of law and cannot be modified or changed by any oral or verbal promises by whomsoever made, unless said modification is reduced to writing and acknowledged by signatures of the
parties hereto.

Tenant’s Signature_________________ Date _____________________
Co-tenant’s Signature__________________ Date___________________
Owner / Owner’s Agent Signature_______________________ Date_____________________