Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not listed here, please call our office at (928) 368-8643

As you begin

What are your office hours?
We’re open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm
When should I begin looking for a home to rent?
You should start looking about 1-2 months before you need to move. Many of our available rentals are still occupied while others are vacant. We can’t hold a vacant home for long periods of time, but we can take applications on occupied homes.
How do I see inside a home I'm interested in?
First, pre-qualify yourself on our “Before You Begin” page.  Using the details given under the different rental photos, narrow down your choices. Select the rentals in your price range, then drive by and take a look. Please do not disturb the tenant.  Submit the pre-qualifying form, including sending an email to us with the documentation required. Then call our office and we will make arrangements for you to view the interior.

Our tenants are required to allow us to show the property to pre-qualified prospective tenants during their final month in a home. However, it can be difficult to coordinate schedules. Please remember that the home may not be in rent-ready condition.

We are committed to ensuring that all of our homes are clean and in good repair before a new tenant moves in.

Are utilities included in the rent?
The tenant is always responsible for the electricity. Some homes include water, while others do not. This information is located on the home’s web page.
How long are your leases?
Leases are typically 12 months in length.
What are my total move-in costs?
Your move-in costs will typically consist of:

  • Prorated first month’s rent
  • Security deposit and pet deposit
  • An electricity hook-up fee is charged by NEC
  • For Yavapai Apts only, contact Arizona Water (Lakeside Division) for water hook-up fee
Do you take credit cards or debit cards?
No,  with the exception of the application fee.  All payments are to be made with Zelle or PopMoney. It’s free and instant.  If your bank or credit union doesn’t support Zelle yet, download the free Zelle app to your smartphone. By using 928-368-8643 as the contact information money will be transferred directy from your bank account to our bank account at Chase Bank.  One time set up, instantly pay anyone who has a bank account.


How do I submit a rental application?

To apply visit our “Before you Begin” page. This page will guide you step by step in how to submit your rental application.

What documents will I need to submit with my rental application?
To apply you will need the following documentation:


1. Proof of income and employment. Pay-stubs and/or bank statements are required documents.

2. If you are self-employed you will need to provide tax returns for the past 2 years.

3. Verification of previous residency (proof of ownership or landlord contact info required).

4. Two forms of government-issued IDs for each applicant 18 years old and older, such as a copy of your Driver’s Licence or other legal form of identification.

How long does it take to get a response after I turn in a rental application?
Normally, it takes 1-2 business days depending on how quickly your employment and landlord references are able to respond.
Does my application take the home off the market?
No. Until your application is approved, all offers to rent will be considered. However, after you sign a lease and the deposit is paid that home will be taken off the market.
Is the $25 application fee per applicant or per home?
The application fee is per applicant.
Can I submit an application on a home that I haven't seen?
Yes. Many of our advertised homes are still occupied and not ready to be shown. If you see a home that is still occupied, you can submit an application conditional on your acceptance of the home.
Do we need to submit separate applications if we are roommates?
Yes. We require a separate application for all adults over 18.
Do you take co-signers?
What if I don't have good credit?
If it’s determined that you have poor credit, we still may rent to you depending on other circumstances. Depending upon the circumstances, we may rent to you if you’ve had a bankruptcy. Bankruptcies must be discharged. However, it is important that after the bankruptcy, you are able to show that you have a good payment history.   If you have had an eviction the application will be automatically denied.

After I submit my application

How do I know if I have been approved?
We will call you after we have been able to verify your references. We appreciate your patience while your application is processed with the highest priority.
What do I do after I'm approved?
Once you are approved we’ll contact you to arrange signing the lease, payment of your Security Deposit, and to schedule a move-in date. You will also need to begin move-in preparations like getting the electric turned on in your name, also water for the Yavapai Apartments.
How long is my application good for?


Do you accept pets?
Because each home is different, the best answer we can give is “it depends”. In a few homes no pets are allowed while in most, pets are allowed subject to the owner’s approval. Due to insurance constraints we cannot accept the following breeds of dogs: Chow, Rotweiler, Pit Bull, or any close relatives. Pet policies are strictly enforced.
How many pets are allowed?
No more than one pet is permitted in each home.
Do pets cost extra?
We require a $300 pet deposit and $25/mo pet rent.
What happens if I do not disclose a pet?
Not disclosing a current or future pet produces expensive and severe consequences. When a non-disclosed pet is discovered (and it always is) it voids the lease.  It is critical that all pets obtain prior approval.

Other Frequently asked Questions

Is the security deposit refundable?
The security deposit is 80% refundable.  Any late charges, cleaning or repairs needed will be charged to the refundable portion of the deposit.
When is the rent due?
All rents are due on the 25th of the month and late after the 1st.
Is insurance provided?
While the home itself is insured against fire, flood, storms, etc. your personal belongings are not. We strongly encourage all our residents to obtain renters insurance from their auto insurance agent.
How long can a home be held for me?
Call our office for details on the one you are interested in.
How can I obtain a copy of my credit report?
You can obtain a copy of your credit report or (800) 366-6573
What if I have some concerns about the home I'm interested in?
We want you to be satisfied with your new home. If you have any concerns, please make them known immediately. We’ll always tell you how we can resolve them. It is important that all questions be answered before moving in.